Interpersonal Skills Courses

I have delivered training in many settings, from a traditional setup like that in the picture to training actually delivered in the field.

Whatever your training needs are I am more than able to create a bespoke course what will meet the exact needs of the participants. I have been offering training for many years and am well used to adapting my style to meet the culture of the people I am working with.

Should you wish to consider me for training then I am able to provide references from organisations that have already taken advantage of my expertise.

Interpersonal Skills Courses

Performance Management and Appraisals
A one day course for managers, looking at competency driven management of performance and carrying out appraisal interviews.

Minimising Violence and Aggression.
A one day course for front line staff who have an interface with the public, either face to face or on the telephone, to train them to handle aggressive and angry people in a way that will reduce aggression and violence.

Conflict at Work
A one day course on the theory of workplace conflict and practical methods for identifying and dealing effectively with it, thus allowing staff to realise their potential.

Bullying and Harassment
A one day course for staff and managers who wish to raise their awareness of this important issue and to be able to combat such behaviour, whether it is applied to themselves or to others.

Mediation in Workplace Conflict Situations
A one or two day course to train staff to act as a third party mediator and enable individuals or groups in conflict to reach an agreed solution and improve working practices and relationships.

Managing Your Team When the Pressure Is On
A one day course for managers and supervisors to raise awareness of the effects of excess stress, to reduce their own stress levels and manage their staff so as to reduce their stress levels.

Maximising Personal Effectiveness.
A similar one day course to the above but for staff without supervisory responsibilities.

Counselling Skills in the Workplace
This course can be designed for a duration of anything between one and five days, depending on the degree of skill required and is for those wishing to be able to help colleagues discuss and deal with difficulties in their lives, at work or elsewhere and manage problems more resourcefully.

Mentoring and/or Coaching for Performance at Work.
A one day course for managers and supervisors on a workplace coaching and/or mentoring model that will enable them to assist their staff in identifying and achieving goals and improving performance.

Time Management.
A one day course for those seeking to improve the way they manage their time, organise themselves more effectively and get more done in a shorter space of time.