Company Services

Psychosocial Care

On site Psychological First Aid visits to companies, emergency services, government agencies and other organisations where a traumatic incident has occurred.  It is usually provided between 3 and 7 days after an incident. May also be provided immediately after an incident to provide advice and support to managers.

The service provides the following components:


  • Gives advice, information and support to managers on dealing with the aftermath of the incident and caring for their staff
  • Checks on how staff are managing
  • Gives advice and information to staff about typical reactions to trauma and how some of those reactions may be managed
  • Identifies those who are not managing well and may need additional support
  • Ensures that any practical needs are identified and provided for where possible
  • Provides emotional support
  • Allows the staff to discuss the incident if they wish to
  • Ensures that any further support which is identified as being required is provided


Psychosocial Care Consultancy

This service may involve consulting with senior managers and HR personnel in setting up an in-house Psychosocial Care and Support protocol, assisting in writing policy and procedures and deciding on appropriate training.

It may also involve visiting organisation on the day and incident has happened or the following day to assist and support managers in organising and provided appropriate psychosocial care for staff.


On Site Support


Gerry Jackson has been used internationally throughout his career to provide support where it is needed – often in the middle of trauma as it is still happening. His experience includes

  • Leading a body recovery team at Lockerbie and other major disasters
  • Psychosocial support for emergency services personnel after the Hagley School mini bus crash where 11 children and their teacher died
  • Psychosocial support following the Southall and Paddington train crashes

Trauma Support and Training


Gerry Jackson has delivered training to a wide variety of customers and clients and always with good results

  • Professional Delivery
  • Knowledgeable and up to date
  • Many years experience as a credible trainer with a mature presence

Managing Violence in the Workplace


Alongside his trauma work Gerry has a high degree of interpersonal skills and uses these to deliver this training


  • How to calm situations
  • What to do when someone is violent
  • Staying safe


Stress Management

pictureWith all of his experience Gerry is well placed to deliver excellent training on how to handle stress both in personal and work lives


  • Preventive action
  • What to do when you are stressed
  • Warning signs